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Manage your Volunteers !

Do you manage large events and need to recruit volunteers and manage them on different missions? We’ve developed a solution to meet just this need.

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About Us

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After helping AHSA Annecy Haute-Savoie Athlétisme to manage the Marathon Annecy Lake, we ended up developing a solution to help us manage our volunteers. Today, we’d like to pass on our expertise in this field through our solution designed for these major events.


From the Basics to the Finer Details

Our team has carefully studied your needs and developed the features that are essential for the supervision and management of volunteers at a major event. You won’t get any useless options, just what you need to be effective in your communications with your volunteer audience.

100% Virtual

The entire interface is online (SAAS), so you can work anywhere with the best possible responsiveness. The interface has been optimised for a low network connection.

Supplemental Resources

We thought you might like to send and store PDF documents (Mission Sheets) to your volunteers. You’ll be able to do just that !

Assign your missions

From our interface, you can easily assign your missions to the different volunteers registered on your project and easily keep track of the useful meals for your volunteers !

Mail interaction

Naturally, you’ll have access to an e-mail solution, but above all you’ll have access to a chat solution so that your volunteers can get a quick response before your event starts !

Step by step

Starting Step by step !

Our team will be happy to help you get to grips with this new solution, which has been designed for people with little or no computer experience. We’ll take the time to explain the simplified procedures in our interface and show you the power of our solution.

Step 1 - Onboarding

We’ll start by showing you the interfaces and various functions based on existing events, so that you can grasp the power of the solution and how easy it is to use.

Step 2 - Creating your access

Depending on the team responsible for managing your volunteers, we will create specific accesses for you with simplified rights.

Step 3 - Creating your event

At this stage, we will ask you to provide us with the general information about your event and we will be able to set up our solution for you.

Step 4 - Creating a mission

At this stage, we’ll show you the procedure for creating your future missions and the possibilities open to you afterwards!

Step 5 - Volunteer form login

Missions are great, but having volunteers is even better ! We’ll help you put your form online and collect all the information you need to manage your volunteers.

Step 6 - Uploading your PDF resources

For each mission, we’ll show you how to use our Electronic Document Management system to pass on mission details to your volunteers.

Step 7 - Assigning your volunteers

Once your volunteers have signed up, a short assignment is in order, and this cannot be improvised. Your volunteers need to be happy with their assignments! Here’s how we do it.

Step 8 - Communication

The success of an event lies not in marketing, but in the management of the men and women involved. We’ll show you the steps you need to take to send out mass emails and maintain the link with your volunteers.


Success Stories

This solution was born out of a unique experience with the Annecy Haute-Savoie Athletics Association during the Marathon Annecy Lake. We had used competing solutions, and we came to develop our own in order to perfectly match the expectations of a solution capable of correctly managing over 600 volunteers mobilized for this type of event. It’s with this unique experience that we’ve built up and now offer you a solution adapted to your events requiring a good reading of the volunteer teams at your events.


President of Club AHSA

Perfection Went Above

Thanks to ActivCreew, managing our 600 volunteers for the Annecy Lake Marathon was incredibly simplified. The intuitive interface and advanced features allowed us to efficiently coordinate all teams, from task distribution to real-time communication. We were able to focus on what matters most: providing an unforgettable experience for the participants. ActivCreew has truly transformed the way we work.

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Antoine P.

Volunteer coordinator – Annecy Lake Marathon

Perfection Went Above

As the volunteer coordinator, I found ActivCreew indispensable for organizing the Annecy Lake Marathon. The platform allowed us to easily manage registrations, schedules, and task assignments. The volunteers also appreciated the clarity and simplicity of the application. Thanks to ActivCreew, we were able to avoid errors and misunderstandings, which greatly improved our team’s efficiency.

Sébastien L.

Volunteer – Annecy Lake Marathon

Perfection Went Above

Participating as a volunteer in the Annecy Lake Marathon was an enriching experience, made even better by using ActivCreew. The app allowed me to receive all the necessary information directly on my phone, to know my schedule and tasks at a glance. Communication with the organizers was smooth and quick. ActivCreew really facilitated my involvement and allowed me to focus on helping the runners. » These testimonials highlight different aspects of the ActivCreew solution from the perspectives of organizers and volunteers, emphasizing its efficiency and positive impact on the event.


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